Spotlight On: Path of Life: Why I Wear My Alex and Ani Book

Our book, Path of Life: Why I Wear My Alex and Ani, doesn’t just contain numerous stories from our beloved fans. It also gives an in depth look at Carolyn Rafaelian, Founder and Creative Director, and our mission to spread positive energy.

What is positive energy? It’s how you approach situations. It’s how we rise to the occasion. It’s self-worth. It’s following your dreams. It’s a lifestyle. As Carolyn says,

“…Know that the divine is always working on your behalf to give you the experiences that you need in order to grow.”

Read more of our story and so much more in Path of Life: Why I Wear My Alex and Ani on sale now! Click here to learn more and purchase your copy.

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This post was written by Brendon Cunha