She Said “Yes!” – A Proposal at Alex and Ani SoHo

Calling all romantics! This past Friday, a woman received the ultimate proposal via personalized meaning cards. Sid proposed to his girlfriend, Deepika, an Alex and Ani fan, in our SoHo retail store with a romantic gesture of positive energy.

Sid inquired about the proposal with our SoHo team about a month ago. They loved the idea and were happy to help coordinate the details so that the sequence of events flowed flawlessly. We hope you enjoy the below recap of Sid’s touching proposal to Deepa!


On the day of the proposal, Sid visited the store early to make sure everyone was prepared for the evening. Part of his plan included purchasing an incorrect bangle for Deepa, which would result in a repeat visit to exchange it after their dinner plans.

When they arrived, a bartender kept Deepa distracted looking for Mother’s Day gifts while Sid gave the ring and two custom meaning cards to another bartender. She displayed them in our Charity by Design case, the ring front and center flanked by the cards.


The meaning cards were created to reflect Sid and Deepa’s relationship. The first one showcased their names with the words “Forever – Let’s Get Married” on the front and sentiments from their time together on the back. The second one said simply “I love you” with the date of the proposal, May 2, 2014.


The bartender with Deepa directed her attention to the Charity by Design case by saying she had the perfect Mother’s Day gift within it. As Deepa scanned the contents of the case, her eye caught the sparking diamond engagement ring, immediately causing her to become overwhelmed with emotion.


The bartender handed the ring to Sid, which he then presented to Deepa on one knee as he asked for her hand in marriage. Deepa, at a loss for words, took a few moments before nodding “yes.”


Sid slid the ring on Deepa’s finger before they enveloped in a warm embrace while everyone applauded and cheered.



The team asked Deepa if she had any inclination that something was going on – she did not! Sid did a fantastic job of keeping his plan under wraps, making the proposal a complete surprise.


Deepa was then gifted two Because I Love You Charm Bangles engraved with the words “Will You Marry Me?” on the back. That way, Deepa can wear one and keep one as a memento of their special day.


We are both humbled and honored to have been a part of Sid and Deepa’s proposal! We wish you both a lifetime of health and happiness.

This post was written by Brendon Cunha