Positive Connections: Messages from our Fans

Welcome back for another installment of Positive Connections: Messages from our Fans!

In the letter below, Erin shares the story of her best friend’s struggles in attempting to create a family and how the gift of Alex and Ani bangles made a positive difference in her life journey!


My college roommate, Theresa, works for Alex and Ani’s Charity by Design department. Seeing her post your beautiful pieces on social media made me fall in love with Alex and Ani’s meaningful charm bangles. For the past two years my best friend in the entire world has been struggling with miscarriage after miscarriage. Witnessing her sorrowful emotions and feelings of being lost in this world often brought me to tears for her. I even offered up the idea of surrogacy at one point as I so desperately wanted her to be able to complete her family. At Christmas time, I wanted to give my friend something sentimental. Something to let her know that although I may not ever be able to fully understood her journey, I supported her in it endlessly… emotionally, mentally, physically or in whatever capacity she needed. I knew that Alex and Ani bangles would allow me to share this message with her as best as I could. I searched endlessly on your website looking for the perfect pieces for my friend. Finally, I chose The Tree of Life bangle for life and positivity and the “What’s for you will not pass you” bangle to let her know that I had faith that she would eventually get all that she was hoping for. In a matter of months after gifting these bangles to my friend, she announced that she was now enjoying a happy and healthy pregnancy! For this, I am so grateful to Alex and Ani. Those bangles mean so much to her; she even highlighted them in a recent family photo session. Thank you Alex and Ani for being on this journey with my best friend and giving her a little extra positive energy that she needed during this time!

This post was written by Brendon Cunha