Positive Connections: Messages from our Fans

Welcome back for another installment of Positive Connections: Messages from our Fans!

In the story below, Vanessa shares how a Blue Beaded bangle made all the difference in her friend’s life during a difficult time.


Dear Alex and Ani,

A good friend of mine has a nephew that passed away yesterday, which coincidently was also his 15th birthday. He had been battling brain cancer for the past several years and it finally took him. Thinking of something to get my friend, the boy’s mother, and their other best friend (who are inseparable) was nearly impossible. But then I had an idea.. an Alex and Ani bangle.


I got the bangle in his favorite color, blue, for all three of them. Needless to say, it was the perfect gift. They even said they were never going to take it off. The bangle was not only beautiful, but will forever be a happy reminder of how special he was and that he is ALWAYS with them. Thank you for having such beautiful items that made a moment like this possible.

- Vanessa


This post was written by Brendon Cunha