Baraka Wrap Featured In Lydia Hearst’s Holiday Gift Guide

Over the weekend, we were delighted to see that Lydia Hearst, actress, supermodel columnist, and socialite, featured our Baraka Wrap in her Holiday Gift Guide! The Baraka Wrap is from our spring/summer 2013 collection, Moroccan Refuge.

In Arabic, the word baraka means “blessing.” Bestow blessings upon your loved ones and infuse your life with good fortune with the eight-point star, a well-known and beloved symbol of Moroccan culture. Created by overlapping two squares, this symbol signifies the cycle of creation, the balance of earthly and celestial bodies, and the harmony in the universe. A reminder of our capacity to love one another, the Baraka Wrap celebrates our interconnectedness and is available in a Russian Gold and Russian Silver finish.

Shop the Baraka Wrap and the full Moroccan Refuge collection.


This post was written by Brendon Cunha