Introducing e-Gift Cards

Introducing Alex and Ani e-Gift Cards. Be charmed. Be loved. Be gifted.

Perfect for those that you find to be irresistibly charming, Alex and Ani e-gift cards are the perfect gift because:

1. you don’t need to brave crowded stores, busy parking lots and long lines
2. it truly is one size fits all
3. there is no postage required
4. you can shop from the comfort of your own home
5. if you want to give the gift of Alex and Ani and aren’t sure what bangles the recipient owns, they can pick out their own eliminating the prospect of duplicates
6. if you simply forgot about someone on your list they will never know
7. the gift of Alex and Ani always looks thoughtful
8. everyone needs a little (+) positive energy
9. we know you’re busy and the entire process takes less than five minutes

For full details and other gift ideas for any occasion visit Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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