How Can One Woman Change the World?

Have you ever thought about your footprint and the ability you have to make a difference in the world with your actions? We’ve been thinking about how one person can change the world and someone that comes to mind is Alex and Ani’s inspiring Founder and Creative Director Carolyn Rafaelian. She believes it is her life’s work to support communities and organizations while inspiring customers to relish what is unique and authentic about themselves.

There are so many reasons we can think of as to how Carolyn has already changed the world, from fulfilling her dream and creating Charity by Design in order to create a positive impact on women globally, to starting an additional supporting effort of Charmed by Charity Events — which are held across the country throughout the year with 15% of sales benefitting international causes.

Every charity we work with leaves us humbled and honored to be part of it, but this month one that is particularly near and dear to our hearts is Plan International USA, focusing on the well-being of women. To support this amazing cause, Carolyn has created the Because I am a Girl Bangle with 20% of all sales benefitting the Plan International USA’s Because I am a Girl campaign.

Through Carolyn’s vision and the mission of Charity by Design, women around the world can get the resources they need to empower themselves. They can get food, an education, healthcare, security, the freedom to get themselves out of poverty and, most importantly, they are brought together to celebrate momentous occasions like International Women’s Day, this Friday, March 8th where we can stand united.

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