Carolyn Rafaelian and Giovanni Feroce Featured in Inc. Magazine

They can be described as ying and yang, free-spirited and structured, “the disciplined and the divine.” But to us, Carolyn Rafaelian and Giovanni Feroce are our fearless leaders that are taking the world by storm and bringing us along for the ride.

To date, together and separately, they’ve been featured in countless magazines and on aired interviews, but this might be the first one that reveals an in-depth look at the “powerhouse” duo behind this company called Alex and Ani that we have all come to love so dearly.


“The Disciplined and The Divine,” is featured in the April 2013 issue of Inc. Magazine on newsstands now. Thank you to everyone at Inc. for including Alex and Ani Founder and Creative Director Carolyn Rafaelian and CEO Giovanni Feroce in this revealing piece, especially Writer Leigh Buchanan and Photographer Steven Laxton.

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