Awaken Positivity With The Live Music Bangle

Calling all music fans! Alex and Ani is excited to re-launch the Live Music Charm Bangle! With dual meaning, the Live Music bangle evokes the energy experienced at a live music show as well as recalls what it means to embody or live music as a power of positive energy in one’s life.

There is no feeling quite like experiencing live music. Through song, musicians have the ability to inspire emotion, activate energy and cultivate a meaningful feeling of connectedness with their audience. Energy is transferred from the depth of the musician’s story, vibrating through every chord, note and lyric into the core of the listener. Live music activates something within each of us that is completely inspired and empowered by harmonious sounds.

To live music, is to embody this inspiration and empowerment in positive actions and gestures of everyday life. By simply reminding us that we are all one, music awakens our confidence, inspires us to honor our feelings and be true to our authentic self.  It motivates us to move; to love, to sing, to dance, to appreciate and to just be in the moment. How a song touches each person is as unique as the individual’s path of life, but what it does for us all is awaken the most positive form of energy: connectedness.


 Embrace the creative energy of the Live Music Charm Bangle to celebrate the exhilaration that stays long after the final notes have been played.


This post was written by Brendon Cunha