Alex and Ani’s B2B Operations Team Volunteers at the Providence Animal Rescue League

On August 23, 2012, Alex and Ani’s B2B Operations team were thrilled to spread the positive energy they live every day by giving a hand at the Providence Animal Rescue League. B2B Sales Operations Manager, Amanda Tufts truly believes in giving back and inspiring her team to do the same.

“Taking my team to volunteer at PARL was very important to me. Instilling a sense of giving back to their local community, and one that directly affects them and will carry with them for the rest of their lives. We had a blast and already have plans to go back in just a few weeks!”  ~ Amanda Tufts, B2B Sales Operations Manager

Volunteering at PARL, for Amanda, was a great way to help the animals, the PARL staff, and build team spirit!

“I had a blast at PARL. We painted 2 rooms upstairs that will be used for offices. We also got a tour of the facilities. It was a really wonderful experience and I was happy to help out!” ~ Stephanie M. Laorenza, B2B Customer Service Specialist

“Volunteering at PARL was a really fun experience.  As co-workers we don’t get to interact much outside of the office and it was great to share this good time with those who I work so hard next to everyday.  It felt really good to know we were offering our time to do something positive for the people who care for our furry friends.  Hopefully going back to adopt a kitty within the next month, and definitely hoping to volunteer more at PARL to interact with the animals!” ~ Jenny Foote, B2B Customer Service Specialist

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