Alex and Ani Supports America’s Favorite Pastime

One of the greatest American traditions we have is coming together to cheer on our favorite baseball teams. This holds especially true during the World Series Playoffs, where we show our support through rocking our team’s jerseys and wearing our lucky charms. Let that lucky charm be from our MLB Bangle Collection!

The World Series isn’t just about winning a big game; it has become a part of our country’s fabric. It is the game of all games, and has the power to trigger childhood memories of sitting in your parent’s house watching a magical moment take place right before your eyes. The emotion and passion behind the World Series makes it a bigger than life event that we all want to be a part of.  Today is Game 4 in the World Series Playoffs, where San Francisco Giants will battle St Louis Cardinals at 4 pm, and the New York Yankees go head to head against the Detroit Tigers at 8 pm. Each game counts, so make sure you are standing tall by your team’s side as they battle to make it to the World Series! 

Be sure you are showing your team spirit by rocking their charms tonight! Who are you rooting for?

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