Secret Symbols: Alex And Ani

We’re both excited and honored that our positive energy products connect with our fans on a personal, meaningful level. The symbology and message within each piece is meant to enlighten, enchant, and empower the wearer.

However, sometimes there is more than meets the eye. Some of our products hold additional meaning in the form of secret symbols for additional inspiration, beauty, and love. Check out seven of our most popular bangles below and the symbols hidden within!


Saint Anthony and Saint Christopher: Known for spiritual guidance and aid, these two saints are sure to illuminate your life. The secret symbol in both charms is the Atlantean, present twice along the edge, for protection, knowledge, and healing.


Lotus Peace Petals: Representing the progression of the soul as it emerges from darkness, this charm implies harmony and resilience from within. The secret symbol, the Om, lies inside for creation, oneness, and truth.


Path of Life: Our most popular item, the unique design of this charm represents life’s never ending twists and turns. The secret symbol, the infinity, lies in the center.


Claddagh: Associated with love, friendship, and loyalty, this iconic symbol is associated with drawing in the heart’s desires. The secret symbol, the Atlantean, present twice along the top, represents protection, knowledge, and healing.


Tree of Life: Representing strong roots and consistent growth, this charm reminds us of our connection to Mother Earth. The secret symbol, a trio of flowers at the tree’s base, helps reiterate this powerful message.


Fleur de Lis: Associated with perfection, enlightenment, and faith, this symbol represents French royalty. The secret symbol, a set of initial “A’s”, is near and dear to our hearts.


Four Leaf Clover: Known as a symbol of good luck, this charm helps bring fortune and prosperity. The secret symbols, the four alchemy symbols for the seasons, are present on each leaf of the clover.

This post was written by Brendon Cunha