Alex and Ani Charity By Design Launches the “Cupcake” Bangle!

In conjunction with The Nancy Davis Foundation, Alex and Ani Charity by Design is extremely excited to announce the launch of this exclusive bangle!

A rush of sugar can provide bliss and harmony on the most challenging of days. Cupcakes symbolize the importance of celebrating life’s little moments and the joys of all things decadent. Adorn yourself with the Cupcake Charm to embrace an optimistic outlook that leads to a peaceful existence.

“While there’s no cure for MS yet, we have broken so much new ground in a very short time and we will not stop until we cross the finish line and find a cure for MS,”  Nancy Davis. The Nancy Davis Foundation is committed to MS research and to finding a cure by funding the Centers Without Walls Program.  The program is a collaboration between the top MS research centers. By openly sharing findings and resources they are better equipped to find answers and cures to this mysterious disease.

“Nancy has brought together different teams of experts to work together as a single unit, without walls. For the first time in history, we have the scientific tools in hand to find the answers to MS.”  Dr. Stephen Hauser, a leading MS researcher at the University of California at San Francisco.


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