Alex and Ani Announces the Winner of “Why I Wear My Alex and Ani”!

Back in August, we launched the “Why I Wear My Alex and Ani” contest where we asked you, our readers and fans, to share what the personal meaning behind wearing your Alex and Ani bangles meant! After much deliberation and time spent reading over 500 submissions, we are extremely thrilled to announce that Owner and Designer, Carolyn Rafaelian, CEO, Giovanni Feroce, Marketing Director, Iris Carlomusto and Alex and Ani’s Cyd McKenna have come to a decision!

As a customer of the Alex and Ani Nantucket Pop-Up Shop, a special visitor kept popping in over the summer months. Read the story as Store Manager at the time, Rodrigo Zetina-Yglesias, recounts her visits…

“Nantucket really begins to receive its summer visitors over the July 4th weekend. It was only my second weekend on the island and I was just getting settled. We began to see a little more activity that holiday weekend and I remember seeing the face of one person, a little girl that came into the store and probably walked around it at least three times with fascination and enchantment. She didn’t say much the first time around the store, though I saw that our flat charm table was very appealing to her. She saw one specific item she eyed, asked me over, and as I began to adjust the bangle on her wrist, she became even more fascinated with the product due to the Expandable Wire technology. When she was ready to check out, she kept running in and out the back door for some reason. That is how I remember her. The first time she asked me the meaning of her chosen bangle, then ran back outside. She came back in again and asked for the price. In and out she went. I peeked out the door and it seemed as though she was on the phone with someone. Finally, her last run back, she came back with a huge smile across her face. With much enthusiasm and delight, she purchased the Peace Expandable Wire Bangle. That was the first time I met Blake Lazarus.

Some time went by until Blake came back around to the Nantucket Pop-Up store. When she did, she came back with a new face, a little friend that I had not seen the last time Blake visited. In the middle of our store, right on our oval table, we were displaying our Seaside Collection. Blake had not seen this collection last time and her little friend was very much enraptured with it as well. At first, I thought Blake was looking to add to her collection. However, she told me she was getting a present for her friend, Talitha. She was fascinated with each one of our Seaside charms. From the Lobster to the different Shell Charms, we went over each meaning of our symbols and charms until the pair liked one. Blake only had to hear the key words that the Dolphin Expandable Wire Bangle exemplified ..Communication, Grace and Strength.. to be convinced. This was the gift that best represented Talitha, a message that she would carry with her and be inspired by always.”

The final time Rodrigo saw Blake was the closing weekend of the Nantucket Pop-Up store, Columbus Day weekend, where he was able to give a final run-around of the shop to Blake as she stocked up on all of her favorite bangles!

Read Blake’s submission of “Why I Wear My Alex and Ani”..

I have a friend. She lost her mother to brain cancer. She is a hero. She is my hero. She has a gorgeous voice that sparkles in a crowd. She is more brave than I could ever be. To sing her song. Her mothers song. In front of a crowd. We all cried. She cried. i brought her to Alex and Ani. she deserved more than i could give her. A dolphin. A dolphin. for her mother. Communication grace strength. She is a dolphin. She is communication. She is strength. She is grace. I love her. I believe in her.

Blake and Talitha on the beach

Blake, 12 years old, submitted her “Why I Wear My Alex and Ani” about her friend Talitha, 9. Both Blake and Talitha absolutely LOVE Alex and Ani and that the bangles are infused with Positive Energy! Blake’s story has touched all of us at Alex and Ani and we are extremely thankful to Blake for sharing her amazing and inspiring story with us!

Blake and Talitha received the Peace of Mind Bangle Set, pictured below. We hope you enjoy the gorgeous set girls! xo

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