Alex and Ani’s One(+) “The Evolution of Our Company” Retreat

Alex and Ani began their journey to Mohegan Sun for “Alex and Ani’s One(+) “The Evolution of Our Company” Retreat on Sunday March 25th. We were overwhelmed as we filled the Positive Energy Room (also known as Brothertown/Passamaquody) to see just how much the company has grown in the past two years!  Jen Chapin, singer and songwriter, started us off with one of her songs, “Let it Show”. Jen’s passion and confidence radiated as this song was written when she was pregnant with her firstborn.  Her performance was an amazing start to our Retreat as she shared words of wisdom to “find your joy and let it show.”

We spent our two days listening and learning from many outstanding speakers. The retreat allowed us to embrace each and every person in the room and to learn from one another to improve for the future. One thing that was consistent is that working at Alex and Ani isn’t just a “job.”, it’s a lifestyle. We walk through the doors of Alex and Ani every day because we love what we do and the positive message that Alex and Ani gives to each and every one of us. Everyone at Alex and Ani has a purpose and was hand selected by part of an amazing movement! As Alex and Ani’s Designer, Carolyn Rafaelian said “each and every one of you were divinely put here.” This is a philosophy that Carolyn learned from her father Ralph Rafaelian.

Please take a moment to watch this special video- A Tribute to Ralph Rafaelian. Thank you to Mediapeel’s David Bettencourt and Katie Roach for the creation of this video, thank you to Andy Anderson for producing the song and thank you to Jimmie Allen for writing the lyrics. This video will display the strength, passion, love, and dedication that Ralph graciously taught his daughters Rebecca Rafaelian and Carolyn Rafaelian. As Carolyn says “this would not be possible without him”

Many thanks to Jen Chapin, Geoffrey Thomson, Jorge Garcia, Patrick West, Margaret Batting, and Music One. We are all grateful for the inspiration you have given us by opening our minds creatively, intellectually and spiritually.

A special thanks to Dennis Rebelo, owner of University Business Consultants and our host for the Retreat, Mediapeel and Bella Consulting and Events.

Dennis Rebelo! You put many things into perspective for us and gave us inspiration to strive and communicate to the highest level. You incorporated humor and the importance of thinking outside-of-the-box and going beyond what is in your comfort zone. We appreciate your expertise and time you spent with us at the retreat and value your customized Alex and Ani equation:

(One)+ = ( You + Me) LOVE

Mediapeel! You are always by our side every step of the way. Your talent and ability to capture every moment to show the love, passion, and true essence behind Alex and Ani, is truly amazing. You have touched us all in many ways that we are extremely grateful for and we couldn’t ask for a better team to have joined us. We are so proud to have you all a part of this Alex and Ani family.

Bella! Thank you for organizing this retreat for us and making sure that we were all taken care of every moment. Rick Simone we couldn’t have done this without you and we appreciate you and your team. It was a beautiful retreat and your time, efforts and talent are forever appreciated.


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